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    Long story short, I am looking for a new clan, because the one I am currently in is commiting suicide via League of Legends and Minecraft. Add to that a violation of clan rules of conduct by admins, but when one of the members, that got the flak from the admins, got the drop-kick to the face and a few others left, I was not happy, and decided I want to find someplace new as well.

    I don't care if its competitive or not, I just want to play games, on a team, with people either I do know, or can get to know, and don't arbitrarily behave like assholes to clanmates.

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    Nice to meet ya man! Welcome...

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    Welcome to the team! I hope you will have fun playing with us.

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    Yea Iron is a good dude we had some fun the other night hop on vent and shot it up with us and get to know us .
    wow I some how hit new post and don't always get all the new posts odd . hence why i am just posting to this now
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    Welcome, I have not had the chance to meet you but if the Stumps says your cool then I'm sure I'll enjoy your company.

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