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Thread: COD4 on Windows 8.1

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    COD4 on Windows 8.1

    Installing from disc didn't work. Any workarounds?

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    whats the problem? crashes? wont finish installing? bsod? information, man. we need more information.

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    Could always install windows 7 Just kidding. Can you run in xp mode? I don't know too much about windows 8.

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    sorry for the late response. crazy busy.

    I simply popped in the DVD and started the installation. I noticed right away that it wasn't going fast so I let it run over night. After checking the next morning it was still only half way through, so I aborted. Now before you say I have a piece of shit PC remember I know where you live!

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    Speak Deutsch to me. Me no habla bullshit.

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