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Thread: what a dayz night we had

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    what a dayz night we had

    Triton, Tungsh, Havoc, and I were on last night playing. Multiple fire fights. Tungsh went unconscious twice. both times we fed him and filled him with all the drugs we all had. defib'd him a bunch too. got him back both times. took about 30 mins each time. that was funny. I got shot in the chest. took no damage at all. but it ruined my vest. i went unconscious once in a separate fire fight. i woke up in about 60 seconds. I think Tungsh is just lazy. :P. I ended up with like 4 kills, and one tag team kill with Tungsh. And my character is still alive. 7 days old now

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    Hek ya that was fun besides waiting around to get back up again, took FOREVE lol but was worth all the chaos. For everyone waiting till the game is fully released I wouldn't wait the game is EPIC as you can read and see. Also VERY addicting

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    That was fun, great to see that the system of 'unconscious' vs. 'dead' is working well and as intended. We did have some fun firefights! There will be more today! haha

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