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Thread: America's Army: Proving Grounds

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    America's Army: Proving Grounds

    have you guys tryed America's Army: Proving Grounds its on steam open beta now

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    ty for heads up cruiser. i use to play the old americas army back in the day. i'll have to check this one out as well.

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    np we have kurgan back playing user name in aapg is cruiser99

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    I checked it out a few days ago, it was pretty fun. Another good game from the makers of AA

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    we started matching on AAPG twl 3x3 soon to be on 5x5 hows every one

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    still alive and kicking. playing a lot of Dayz lately

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    Hi cruiser! Dayz has been a blast for us lately. Good to hear from you!

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    Been doing well bud. I've been playing BF4 mostly.

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    AAPG is out of beta they adding some new maps I'm one of the beta testers there for some time now

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