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Thread: AMD Driver update 12.11

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    AMD Driver update 12.11

    Driver update never settle

    Game bundles


    Things are looking up 25 % increase in performance and a excellent game bundle

    and piledriver midway next month ,I just hope Piledriver can step it up for AMD
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    They really need to step it up. I heard their 3rd quarter was worse than expected. If their finances don't improve soon they will be picked up or demolished. Either way, it's not good for us.

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    While I love your enthusiam, bloody, it seems that performance "only" increases by 7% for the top cards. It may not sound as impressive as 25 but it still is quite an accomlishment. Kudos to their driver team which in the past has been more subject to criticism than lorels. Hope that trend continues.

    The game bundle, however, is outstanding!

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