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    Code of Conduct

    • Cheating or using to your advantage (i.e. exploiting) anything in the game that was not intended by the developers is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. This includes use of auto-aims, wall hacks, skins, glitches and any mods that give you an unfair advantage against your opponents. If ever proved of cheating then you will be banned for this clan permanently.
    • We play fair and expect all of our clan members to do the same.
    • You must respect everyone in our clan. Treat other clan members, as you would like to be treated.
    • Our clan enjoys members that have a good sense of humor so you must be able to take a joke or two.
    • Ventrilo or Team Speak is required and you must have a working microphone.
    • You must wear your clan tags at all times and under no circumstance (even if joking) will be allowed to alter your clan name.
    • Members can only be in one clan at a time for any given game.
    • You must register with our forums and check the web site on a regular basis for information about upcoming matches, scrimmages and team practices. Then post if you can participate.
    • Members must work together as a team in all ladders, matches, scrimmages and team practices. In other words, in order for our clan to be completive in matches, we need to practice going of tactics as a team.
    • Team captains will set up all matches and scrimmages with other clans. Under no circumstance, set-up matches and scrimmages with other clans without checking with the team captain.
    • We ask for a small contribution from all members of $5 per month. This helps fund our web site and gaming server.
    • We prefer that you set-up a PayPal account for the membership payments. Details can be found on the website.
    • If you agree with above Code of Conduct and want to join THS then apply HERE.
    We look forward to having you in our clan and shooting with you.
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