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Thread: westbrookdrew has good kung fu

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    westbrookdrew has good kung fu

    hey, already learned a lot from you guys. I feel like I fit in pretty well, hope to get more learning and headshots =)

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    Hey bro glad to see ya make to the web site. I've enjoyed you hanging out with us and playing some bf3.

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    Cool u wanna join us. Looking forward to playing with ya more. But I have to ask: what's with the Kung Fu? I happen to be a master myself; watched a lot of Kung Fu Panda as reference material. j/k

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    Hey brotha man good to see you posting here and yea you do seem to fit in with us misfits
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    Wassup...good to see you in here...join us brotha

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    Westbrook, glad you are hanging with THS. You seem to fit in well here.

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    my kung fu refers to my extensive study of the Kung Fu Panda: Legend of Awesomeness series. Also Kung Pow! and the Matrix. Plus fu rhymes with drew...

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    i see you have reached enlightenment....

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