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    Recruiting- Hello I am Klown. I would love to join team headshot clan because one of my friends are in this clan and it seems like a nice respectfull place to be. Ive also been looking for a clan for awile now. I have a Great attidtude, personality, and i enjoy playing with friends or just playing with new people and making new friends. Over all i would like to apply to join TeamHeadShot (THS)
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    Hi Klown, glad to have you. How about jumping on vent and hanging out with everyone so we can get to know you. Who is your friend in the clan? Games you play? Most of us are on vent 7-? EST. This is our normal recruiting process that way everyone here can vote. See ya on the battlefield.

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    sure thing ill hop in the vent with you its just im saving up for a new mic right now mine is broke but i can still go in and chat with you guys. My friend that is in this clan is Trigger.Happy. I play many games im always ready to try something new but right now im mainly playing Call of Duty Black Ops. ive already pre ordered mw3 how about you? So people will take a vote to see if they want me in the clan before im actually in the clan? Anyways thanks ill try to get back to you a.s.a.p

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    yeah klown, we like to get to know you first. come hang out in comms; shoot with us for a few days. then we put a vote up in the members only section in the forums. look forward to meeting you bro.

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    Add me on steam? Ze Uber Klown, strider what games do you play?

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    Klown, this is our normal recruiting process that way we can weed out anyone that doesn't fit. This is a fair way for everyone including you. That way we find out what kind person you are as you do us. My steam ID is TR21X

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    Welcome Klown, we will see you online , in vent and/or on the battlfield!

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    Yes, you too i will hopefully be playing with you on the battlefield

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    i got vent so today ill hang out with you guys

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