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Ok so I had a old pc I was using for a server and decided to break it down and start over with it and make it into a HTPC / server , I also had a few bits of water cooling stuff I wasn't using and just got some other bits for a good deal .

parts I am using are

Case is a cheap no name I picked up years ago and I am having a hard time to get ride of it

Pc power and cooling 500 watt silencer

asus m3n-ht deluxe mempipe

amd am2 athlon 64 x 2 6400+ windsor

corsair cm2x1024=6400c4d 4 sticks


! 74gb Raptor as the boot drive Windows Xp pro

1 250gb Western Digital linux drive Ubuntu

2 Western Digital Black 500Gb In RAID 1

LG DVD drive

Floppy drive

List of Water cooling parts

XSPC RS360 Radiator

EK-Multioption X2 Res 150 basic-ver2

Koolance D5

EK D5 X top

home made water block from back in the day

Home depot 3/8 hose

compression fittings

some barb fittings

and of course the BFG has its own waterblock as listed above

Distilled water

Most the parts I listed here for the water I bought of a guy and the only thing that was actually used was the rad! The pump and top , res and a CPU block were all new and only cost me 150. I actually only wanted the D5 pump because it was variable speed and I used that pump on my gaming rig and put my old D5 in the HTPC the CPU block I didn't use it on this build.

I started the build before I posted this Blog so it is half finished here are some pictures of what it looks like now , it is up and running but I need to fix a driver that will not let me use AHCI or RAID on the SATA ports and it seems that a stick of ram has stopped functioning .

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  1. strider's Avatar
    well its been about 2 years since you post this. and i just found it. but that setup looks pretty bad ass my friend.