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  • Welcome to Team HeadSHot

    Team HeadShot was founded in 2007 and many of our core members had played together well before that even, some dating back to the original Ghost Recon days! We pride ourselves in being a friendly, mature and steadily growing team. We do compete at various levels, currently mainly in Black Ops. We have others that just play for fun and I'd like to also mention that we are a multi gaming team and encourage that.

    Games we play:
    It might be easier to say what games we don't play, because we play a lot! Some of our members are playing Shift2, HomeFront, Black Ops, WoW, Rift, and various other titles. What this means to you is that as new games come out you won't be looking for a new team to play on, chances are some of us will be playing with you on the next cool game.

    Team Benefits:
    By playing on Team HeadShot you can be sure that you will have a fun place to come hang out, relieve a little stress, and have a consistent group of people to play with. We pride ourselves in playing fair and are 100% anti-cheating. For the most part, we are either in college or are well established in our careers and life. What this means is in or out of the game we have things that we can relate to and that's the type of people we are looking to recruit. We also take the time when new games come out to help each other learn the finer points of the game so that we can all enjoy and become a better player.

    Our team is a good split between Canadian and U.S. players.

    We do have a steam group:

    Stop in and introduce yourself.
    Our public Ventrilo Information is:
    Server: chicago.clanwarz.com port 4215
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