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  1. HTPC build

    Ok so I had a old pc I was using for a server and decided to break it down and start over with it and make it into a HTPC / server , I also had a few bits of water cooling stuff I wasn't using and just got some other bits for a good deal .

    parts I am using are

    Case is a cheap no name I picked up years ago and I am having a hard time to get ride of it

    Pc power and cooling 500 watt silencer

    asus m3n-ht deluxe mempipe

    amd am2 athlon 64 x 2 6400+ windsor ...
  2. Good day...

    Today I ran a little over 5 miles.
    Lunch with the wife at a local italian restraunt.
    Cleaned up around my garage and got my boat ready for the season!
    Pizza and beer for dinner.
  3. Today

    Today I was at work.....and it's Friday (TGIF).

    Tonight hanging with THS and family and drinking a few beers!

    Tomorrow fishing???

    Sunday - ???